Author: Brandon M. Brevard


“All We Ever See Of Stars Are Their Old Photographs” – Watchmen (Allen Moore)

Bio: Brandon Brevard is a Midwestern boy, whose many travels landed him in the fair city of Los Angeles, California. He was born and raised in the fair suburban Ohio town of Worthington, Ohio. Craving to fulfill his patriotic duty as well as looking for adventure ourtside of the confines of Small town Midwest, He joined the army. In subsequent years traveled, all over the country and world. Living at some point in: Afghanistan, Kuwait, Denver, San Francisco (Where he was employed as a Film Critic) and Los Angeles. Along his journey he found he true callings and passions. Feature Writing, Screenwriting, and Filmmanking. All callings for which he currently attends college for. He loves connecting with others, misadventuring, overthinking, geeking out, and engaging in general nerd behavior.

Brandon’s Short Films Can Be Seen Here


Favorite Science Fiction Films

- “Sunshine” (2007)

- “Children Of Men” (2006)

- “Moon” (2009)

Favorite Science Fiction TV Shows

- Battlestar Galactica

- Star Trek: The Next Generation

- Lost

Favorite Science Fiction Books

- The Forever War

- Starship Troopers

- The Martian Chronicles

Favorite Science Fiction Video Games

- Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

- Final Fantasy VII

- Homeworld 2


Brandon’s Astra Nova Portfolio

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